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Eco-Bling for your Wedding Ring!

If you’ve decided you want to forego diamond rings with gems mined in third world countries, you can find many options for conflict free diamonds and recycled metals. Do your research before buying the perfect ring and find an eco-friendly jeweler. Look for companies that are green certified and have fair trade practices for all workers.  Buying your rings from a company that suits your values and taste makes this trip to the jeweler even more special. Purchasing a ring made with sustainable materials is a great way to go green for your engagement and will make a statement at the wedding.  You don’t have to limit your jewelry choices to just rings. You can also choose from sustainable pendants, bracelets and earrings for you and your bridesmaid’s jewelry!

If you don’t want the typical diamond wedding ring, there are plenty of different colored fair trade gemstones and even semi-precious stones. Look for stones that have not been treated with chemicals and are in their natural raw form. The mass production of metals, crystals and beads can leave quite an impact on the environment. If you don’t like the appearance of certain recycled metal rings or you just want something entirely unique, you can find many jewelers that make rings from wood. There are plain wood wedding bands or some with silver inlaid into the center for some extra eco-bling!

Photo Credits: Pearl necklace and ring on leaf from Brilliant Earth, Recycled sterling silver fair trade sapphire ring and stackable rose gold moissanite stone ring from McFarland Designs

Author: Green Bride Guide

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