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Mid-Century Modern Design Tips

Red Egg Design Group

Bad taste and boring designs are definitely out of the picture since Andrea Bazilus is in it. With her amazing designs, she creates a visual “boom” in the designer scene. As the owner of Red Egg Design Group, she has left an outstanding footprint, both with her team and on her own. With her experience in design, she has never left anyone disappointed. Her unique work in a mid- century modern style, has amused everyone she’s worked with. People say she creates some kind of “static flow” in their homes that animates the whole space. She simply creates harmony. Her ideas are really important, as they change people’s lives. They’re straight-forward to frame, handsome visually, and cost-effective. She is definitely the new “hip” “trendsetter” in mid- century modern design in Phoenix.
She creates art, combining intriguing shapes and materials, and an exciting, optimistic breeze in the rooms and homes she designs. She is a master when it comes to “chic” and innovative design.

Don’t overdo it: “Keeping everything simple and natural makes the space more warm and comfortable.  Furniture pieces with clean, simple lines create a harmonious tone in your place.” – Andrea on space organizing.

Keep the surfaces of the objects natural: If you feel like giving your home and overhaul, you first need to know how to make it more warm and efficient. Keeping the surfaces in your home natural (the same as the material they are made of) saves your money and gives the home a clean, natural look.

Furniture and accessories can add the flavor your room needs: You do not need to bring in an abundance of extra embellishments to create the look. A few pieces of well-chosen furniture and some simple accessories will pull it off. It is up to you and your budget whether you choose vintage or reproduction furniture. By blending new pieces with old, and choosing carefully when shopping, you can stay well within your budget and still get the look you want.

Add multipurpose to your rooms: If you are building your home from scratch, making small bedrooms is the way to do it. Not using your bedrooms for anything other than sleeping, lets everyone use the living room more during the day, and also keeps the whole family together. When work is done, it’s time to relax at home. The living room should be the perfect place for that. Simple and natural chairs and tables will make your kitchen or dining room usable for many other activities.

Choose pale colors for your walls: Think muted when choosing colors to create the mid-century look. There are lots of cool, pale color ways to create this style in your bedroom. The earthy warm palette includes dusty greens, dirty yellows, strong blues, black, white and rust. There are lots of cool, pale color ways in this look. These colors are beautiful with well-oiled wooden furniture. Pick woody tones for your chairs and tables, or keep the wooden furniture natural.

Designer’s Notes:

  • Mid-century elements such as vintage Knoll nightstands and a vintage Murano lamp can add a little history to your warm and minimalistic master bedroom.
  • Warm colors and rich textures highlight the character of the architecture in the room.
  • Having a built-in stone fireplace, an Eames leather lounge chair, an Arco floor lamp and a geometric-patterned rug with throw pillows, is an idea of modern and contemporary design. You can work around it to modify it for your preferences.
  • Bold black and white accents and retro-inspired starburst art help create the flow in your space.
  • A bold ochre-colored wall, a sexy fan and vintage furnishings add modern style to your living room.
  • A violet lamp can add a pop of color to the neutral mid-century modern living room.
  • Separating the open space with strategically placed furniture groupings brings the open space into focus.

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Green Your Kitchen Space

If you are looking for tips on how to “Green” your home check out these great ideas we found on Whole Living. Let us know how you’ve “Greened” your kitchen space!

Table Top

Natural Silver Polish

Plastics Unwrapped

Plastics Unwrapped

Pitcher with water and cucumbers

Start Chilling

Cloth Napkin

Bring Back Cloth Napkins

Healthy Cookware

Healthy Cookware


Say Yes To Convection

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Chic Eco Interiors: Beyond Bamboo

Chic Eco Interiors

Chic Eco Interiors

Eco interior design has come a long way since bamboo and hemp, a modern environmentally friendly interior will now be as sleek and stylish as any other.

There is a growing trend in interior design, just as with almost every profession nowadays, for specialists in environmental issues within the sector. Before climate change became one of the hot topics in the media, there was an unfortunate stigma attached to environmental concerns, particularly in the professional environment, and to a certain extent, that is still the case.

However, although for many people, the phrase ‘eco interior designer’ will conjure up visions of bamboo and hemp, things have moved on somewhat. In tandem with the burgeoning green technology market, environmental interior design is now capable of being just as chic, sleek and modern looking as ‘normal’ (read: unconcerned with the environment) interior design.

Rather, eco interior designers are now worth their weight in gold, possessing as they do a wealth of knowledge about which materials will contribute most to lowering the carbon footprint of the property, both in their transport and in their contribution to energy efficiency, as well as of structural issues that will affect energy efficiency.

Eco interior designers will be concerned with both the carbon footprint of the project itself and the long term sustainability of the finished product. Given that new environmental legislation is being introduced all the time concerning property, although there is no obligation to take the environment into account when commencing a project at the moment, it is very likely that at some stage there will be certain environmental requirements that all properties must fulfil.

Making such changes to a property is much harder than implementing them from the start, so it is worth hiring an expert now if you are doing work on your house or commercial property to save you trouble and expense further down the line – aside from the obvious benefits of reducing your energy bills and doing your bit towards lowering our carbon output.

The vast increase in understanding of the environmental factors involved in interior design projects means that the result of hiring an eco interior designer will be just as stylish and sleek as any other good interior design project, but with the bonus of knowing that everything in the property is optimised for the lowest environmental impact.

This may come at more of a cost, both because the interior designer will have expertise not shared by all of their contemporaries, but also because the materials themselves (and possibly method of construction) may be more expensive. However, as many environmental experts are keen to point out, in the long term this will be recouped by lower energy bills. It may also save you doing more work to the property as more environmental legislation is brought in, so the question is, if you’re thinking of hiring an interior designer, why not hire an environmentally aware designer?

Author: Nick Lewis

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