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Incorporating Vintage Fabrics

It could be a meaningful piece of fabric–from the favorite dress of a beloved grandmother, perhaps–or just a print that caught your eye while you were hunting up some mason jars at the thrift store. However that gorgeous vintage fabric found its way into your heart, you can use it to add charm and beauty to your wedding decor.

If you’re having a rustic farm-style wedding, use your vintage fabric to cover up hay bales for seating for your guests.

Image: W. Scott Chester Photography

Vintage fabric, suspended and then draped like a canopy, can make a dramatic backdrop for your cake or dessert table.

Image: Rebecca Thuss

The perfect pattern can be hung up on a clothesline, and used as a background for a fun photo station for all your guests. Have your photographer set up times for each set of guests to show up and have their pictures taken, so no one gets lost in the crowd!

Image: Real Green Weddings, Woodland Wedding, DIY Charm

Depending upon how much of the fabric you have and how well you (or a crafty friend or family member) can sew, the possibilities are endless: table linens, chair covers, and chuppahs are just a few ideas. You can even use fabric for gift wrapping to cut down on expensive and wasteful wrapping paper.

If you only have a bit of special fabric, consider using it to bind your bouquet in an elegant and meaningful way.

Image: April Joy Events

You can also cut out small pieces of your fabric to serve as backing for the flowers in the mens’ boutonierres. No matter how you use that beautiful vintage fabric, it will add a lovely and personalized green touch to your decor.

Author: Green Bride Guide

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