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Tips for a Perfect Outdoor Wedding

For too many people, organizing a wedding is a difficult experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With careful planning and the right help it can be enjoyable and fairly stress free. The key to success is knowing what you want and then working out how to get it; this is true of any wedding. Get this right and not only will the organizing be fun, but you will be better equipped to enjoy your wedding day, and that is the most important thing. Here we share our top tips for a perfect outdoor wedding, from deciding what kind or wedding you want to employing a party hire company.

What do you want?

  • Size and style: Do you want a small intimate wedding with only close friends and family present to witness your marriage? Or would you prefer a grand occasion with hundreds of guests? Neither option is better than other; it’s all about personal preference. It is important to decide this early on as it will help you with the rest of your planning, not least when you come to work out your budget.
  • Location:  Maybe the reason you have chosen an outdoor wedding is that you already have the perfect location in mind. If so, then that’s one big decision you don’t have to worry about! Otherwise, there are many options you could consider. Some people enjoy the intimacy of a wedding at home with family, others seek spectacular locations overlooking a harbour or the ocean. A tranquil garden can provide the perfect backdrop to your celebration. All of these are great ideas; you just need to establish what is most important to you and find a place that reflects that.
  • Time of year:  When planning a wedding outdoors it is important to factor in the weather. What are the weather conditions likely to be in your area at various times of year? The spring and summer months are a beautiful time to get married outdoors.

How can you get it?

When you have worked out where and when to hold your wedding, and what kind of wedding it will be, you are in a position to start planning how to make it all happen.  Hiring  an event planner is a great idea; they can help you with every little detail of your big day. You will be glad of their assistance, as there is a lot to organize.

  • The Venue: Choosing the right one is important. Not only must it be the right size for all your guests but also it should be in keeping with the overall style of your wedding.
  • Tables and chairs: The tables and chairs you choose will have a huge impact on the overall visual effect of your wedding. They should be practical, but also visually appealing and they should match your marquee and the overall style of your wedding.
  • Catering: As well as planning a menu you will need to organize catering equipment and staff.
  • Flowers: No wedding is complete without flowers and an outdoor celebration is no different.

Author: Tom K Carlton

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