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Is a groom’s cake mandatory at a wedding reception?

A groom’s cake is not a requirement at a reception but is a great addition to the celebration.  The groom’s cake symbolizes a gift to the groom from the bride and traditionally is a chocolate cake without fancy flowers and decorations. The dark color gives the cake a masculine look.

Chocolate Groom's Cake

Mini Chocolate Groom's Cakes

Contemporary groom’s cake have been designed in many creative styles and shapes, for example footballs and helmets.  It is also customary to place the groom’s cake next to the bride’s cake but can also be displayed on a separate table.  The groom’s cake can either be served at the reception along with the bride’s cake or sliced and boxed for guest to take home and enjoy later.

Pink Cake Box

Alma's Cakes

Alma's Cakes

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